4 Huge Mistakes Vegetarians Make When Trying to Lose Weight

Eating vegetarian is supposed to help people lose weight, right? Well, speaking from experience, not eating meat in college did nothing to prevent me from gaining 40+ pounds. If you’re vegetarian and trying to get slimmer, avoid these mistakes (that could end up causing weight gain). Trading Protein For Carbs If you’re skipping the chicken…

Butterscotch Squash Coffee Cake with Maple Glaze

Coffee cake doesn’t have to be understated – with whole-grain flour, flaxseeds and squash for added nutrition, plus an indulgent maple glaze drizzled over top, this cake will surely get noticed.

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Swap These Overindulgent Fall Staples For Healthier, Lightened Up Foods

We love Fall and holiday food, but we don’t love how the extra-indulgent fatty and sugary foods make our bodies feel. To get the best of both worlds, we asked Alexandra Miller, RDN and LDN Corporate Dietician at Medifast, to help us figure out the best healthy, lightened up swaps for classic staples of the…