Healthy Taco Tuesday Inspiration From a Paleo Expert

Paleo blogger Cassy Joy Garcia decided to turn her life around and take control of her health at the young age of 24. With a degree in science and a knack for nutrition, she dove into the Paleo lifestyle and hasn’t looked back. Through her new approach to food, she lost 10 dress sizes, “lived…


New Study Reveals These 4 Healthy Habits Can Significantly Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

The benefits of exercise surpass shedding pounds and chiseling your body. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle can also improve your general health and decrease your risk of multiple life-threatening diseases – including breast cancer. According to researchers in a recent study published by JAMA Oncology, women who carry genes linked to breast cancer can…


How Claire Overcame Her Emotional Relationship With Food and Lost 40 Pounds

Claire always struggled with her weight growing up, but she wasn’t your typical unhealthy kid. In fact, she spent a lot time living a very active lifestyle. But for Claire, she started to realize that losing weight and transforming her life was going to require a different kind of work on her end. Claire Before…


Wild Weekend? Reset With 5 Detoxing, Debloating Smoothies

Recovering from some overeating or having some digestive issues? With enzymes that fight bloat, fiber that aids in digestion, belly-fat-burning blueberries, gut-friendly probiotics, and detoxifying lemon, you’ll sip your way svelte with these sweet, satisfying smoothie recipes. These nutritious blends pack in powerful properties from papaya, pineapple, Greek yogurt, and more.

Source: Pop Sugar

Lemon & Shallot Macadamia 
Nut Spread

Nut cheeses are a tasty, easy-to-make and protein-rich alternative to cream cheese! Spread it on your morning bagel, toast or crepe, on your midday sandwich and afternoon crackers or pair it with your favorite fruit or veggie for an anytime treat. Try this Lemon & Shallot Macadamia Nut Spread with fresh strawberries or cucumber sticks.…