Stay on the Healthy Path This Weekend With These Inspiring Quotes

Wahoo! You made it to the weekend and after a week of eating healthy and crushing your workouts, you’re ready to let loose! You should definitely take the end of the week to celebrate a little – you deserve it! But here’s your little reminder that come Monday morning, you’ll feel much better if you…


Low-Fat Dairy News and Do Eating Times Matter?

Got a food question? We have the answers. Stick to Clean Eating’s  recommendation of consuming full-fat, whole-milk dairy in lieu of low-fat. Q: Is it true that low-fat dairy can lead to Parkinson’s disease? A: New research has found a slight correlation between consuming dairy (particularly low-fat varieties) and an increased risk for developing Parkinson’s disease. A…


3 Ways with Crumbles

Go beyond sweet when it comes to crumbles. Here are 3 sweet ‘n’ savory takes on the casserole classic.

’Tis the season for entertaining! For your next get-together, treat your loved ones to these indulgent sweet or savory crumbles.  

Source: Clean Eating