Coconut Curry-Crusted Chicken Salad with Mango Dressing

Crisp salad is topped with a spiced coconut-crusted chicken breast in this salad that’s a cinch to put together. The mango dressing is truly heavenly, with a commingling of sweet, tart and spicy notes.

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Crush Calories With This Epic Cardio-Boxing Workout

We are excited to share this at-home cardio-boxing workout with you – it’s our longest video ever, and it will leave you dripping in sweat. Christa DiPaolo, creator of THE CUT by Equinox, will lead you through her 45-minute signature workout that mixes high-intensity conditioning, boxing, kick-boxing, and bodyweight strength-training moves. If you are new…


The 1 Pair of Sneakers You Need in Your Athleisure Lineup: Ultra Stylish and Made of Wool

Image Source: Allbirds “Turns out, the world’s most comfortable shoe is made of wool.” Upon hearing that statement, we were captivated. Wool? Seriously? Are they like sweaters for your feet? Do you get sweaty? Do they look cool? We had so many questions. The New Zealand-based brand Allbirds had just launched its beautiful, minimalist line…


Grilled Chicken Satay with Ginger Cashew Sauce

This easy skewered chicken with 
an Asian-inspired cashew sauce will become a staple in your household throughout the summer – you can marinate the chicken the night before and just throw it on the grill when you get home. Try it with a side of brown rice or quinoa sprinkled with
chopped cilantro. The post Grilled…