Cocoa Delight

You would never guess that Jennifer Iserloh’s velvety, chocolate breakfast smoothie is packed with kale and black cherries. For more breakfast recipes like it, check out her cookbook Fifty Shades of Kale.

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Warm Kale with Beets and Ginger

Once you try warm kale cooked in ginger, brown sugar and orange zest, you won’t want to go back to boring spring mix salad! This dish is nutty, tangy and packed with protein and dietary fiber. For similar kale recipes, check out Jennifer Iserloh’s cookbook Fifty Shades of Kale. The post Warm Kale with Beets…


It's Belly-Shrinking Time! 40-Minute Sprinting and Walking Workout

Crunches not getting you the six-pack you want? You need heart-pumping cardio to burn calories and diminish your overall body fat, but more specifically, you need to do interval training, which is proven to target the fat around your belly. Here’s a simple workout that alternates between pushing yourself to the max with one-minute sprinting…