Creamy, Comforting, and Low-Carb Mashed Potato Substitutes

Fluffy, creamy mashed potatoes may be what your Thanksgiving dreams are made of, but the side, high in saturated fat and empty calories, isn’t exactly diet-friendly. If you’re trying to save a few calories this Thanksgiving and are looking for healthier, lower-carb, and low-calorie mashed options, any of these four recipes would be an excellent…


11 Emotional Stages Whole Foods Addicts Experience During a Shopping Trip

Every Whole Foods addict knows that their weekly shopping trip is not just a time to stock up on healthy foods – it’s a spiritual experience. There’s not many places where health nuts can gather together to obsess over colorful produce and gluten-free desserts without feeling super judged. If you’re one of these organic-loving shoppers,…


Golden Milk

This beautiful golden-colored warm drink is both soothing and creamy. Turmeric has countless health benefits including being anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, liver detoxifying, good for brain function, lowering triglycerides, promoting digestive health, regulating metabolism, boosting the immune system and also has potent anti-cancer properties.

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Pumpkin Latte

Every year we celebrate the return of Pumpkin Lattes, it’s a sign that fall and winter has arrived. The combination of spices in “pumpkin spice” fights cancer, lowers blood sugar, is anti-inflammatory and helps digestion. Pumpkin is known to boost vision, help with weight loss, lower blood pressure, reduce cancer risk, and support the immune…