By: Angie

After running on and off for several years, I learned that a key to enjoying it is not to be so hard on yourself… Don’t try to speed up to match that of the girl running ahead of you. Run at YOUR pace, and smile Speed, endurance and strength will all build with time and…


By: Molly

I just started running a month and a week ago, I’ve ran every day and for the last week I’ve done 2 miles, but from starting till then I only did 1. I want to run outside but find it much harder to regulate my speed, and can’t find ways of bringing music as I…


By: Tracy

I want to learn to run but my legs will start to itch like crazy when I run. I could just scratch them open they itch so bad. Anyone else have this problem? People say to persevere through it but its just too much.

Source: Lauren Conrad