The Ultimate Move Everyone Should Be Doing For Defined Abs

If you have a minute and 15 seconds, you can make your core burn with this intense two-move bodyweight exercise used by gymnasts and CrossFitters. If holding each position for five seconds is too long, then hold for two seconds. Want even more of a core burn? Then hold each position for 10 seconds. Begin…


Indulge in Fall Comfort Foods Without Packing On Pounds: Here's How

So you’re on a diet or working toward a weight-loss goal just as we’re heading into the holiday season and arguably the best food-flavor season: Fall. No pumpkin pie? No mashed potatoes? How will anyone survive? Don’t freak out, because you can absolutely partake in the food festivities of the season. Alexandra Miller, RDN, LDN,…


Un-Caesar Salad Wrap with Eggplant Bacon

Skip the preservatives and sugar often added to traditional Caesar dressings – here we make a high-fiber, real-food Caesar-style dressing and use it in these satisfying wraps for grab-and-go lunches or lazy dinners.

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Sorghum Pancakes

Store pancakes in even numbers (two, four or six work best) in resealable freezer bags for a speedy breakfast. Come Monday morning, simply pop them into the toaster right out of the freezer. Bonus: These pancakes are gluten-free! 

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