Lemony Angel-Hair Pasta 
with Chicken & Asparagus

Simple, wholesome ingredients and a speedy cook time make this dish a go-to weeknight comfort meal. You can customize this recipe using whatever ingredients you have on hand; broccoli makes a fine substitute for the asparagus, or you can omit the chicken and chicken broth and add mushrooms, fresh grated Parmesan and vegetable broth to…

Grilled Steak & Romaine Hearts 
with Tangy Date Sauce

A quick turn in the grill pan or on the outdoor grill gives romaine hearts a mouthwatering smoky flavor and tender-crisp texture that makes it worthy of succulent grilled tenderloin.

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with Tangy Date Sauce appeared first on Clean Eating.

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Open-faced Veggie Melts 
with Smoked Mozzarella

Any kind of bread will work well in this recipe, but for best-ever veggie melts, start with a nice thick slice of your favorite artisan (or homemade) whole-grain loaf. We love the mild, smoky flavor of smoked mozzarella, but you can substitute with your favorite cheese: Gouda, provolone or smoked cheddar are great options. Don’t…