Arctic Char 
with Watercress, 
Fennel & Orange Sauté

Sweet sautéed fennel and orange juice mellow the peppery taste of watercress in this company-worthy dish. For the best flavor, add the watercress and orange zest to the sauté at the very last minute. If the sauté is done cooking before the fish, simply take it off the heat and stir in the greens and…

Chicken Pho 
with Pea Shoots

This flavorful broth-based Vietnamese-style soup is infused with fragrant ginger, garlic and whole spices, then piled high with fresh herbs and delicate pea shoots for a hit of freshness. If your shoots are longer than a few inches, snip them into shorter, bite-size pieces. The post Chicken Pho 
with Pea Shoots appeared first on Clean…

Steamed Clams 
with Sorrel & Garlic Bread

Sorrel’s lemony flavor is a perfect pairing for briny shellfish, such as clams. This recipe easily serves four as an elegant appetizer; to make it a meal, toss the 
clams and broth with 8 oz (4 cups cooked) whole-grain linguine. The post Steamed Clams 
with Sorrel & Garlic Bread appeared first on Clean Eating. Source:…