The 100-Calorie, High-Protein Chocolate Treat Your Body Is Craving

While slices of crunchy apple and fresh strawberries are sweet enough on their own, isn’t everything better with chocolate? You can spruce up your basic snack by pairing it with this smooth and mousse-like chocolate dip. Made with almonds, chickpeas, and dates, it offers fiber and protein, but is much lower in sugar than if…

Butterscotch Squash Coffee Cake with Maple Glaze

Coffee cake doesn’t have to be understated – with whole-grain flour, flaxseeds and squash for added nutrition, plus an indulgent maple glaze drizzled over top, this cake will surely get noticed.

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Hold the Butter and the Eggs, Please: 50+ Vegan Dessert Recipes

If the idea of a dessert made without butter, milk, or eggs confuses you, these vegan recipes will change your mind. Besides being lower in saturated fat and cholesterol, many of these sweet treats contain good-for-you ingredients like avocado, almonds, and coconut oil. Not only do these recipes taste good – and, yes, sometimes better…

Bake a Batch of Tasty Goodness: Ginger Molasses Cookies With Quinoa Flour

Quinoa may be most known for its poppy texture in lunch and dinner recipes, but you can also reap the high fiber and protein benefits by unexpectedly adding it to dessert recipes. Easily ground into a flour using a food processor, dry quinoa adds a wonderful nutty flavor. Warm, spicy, slightly crunchy on the outside…