Here Are Over 50 Ways to Cook (and Eat!) Superfood Grains and Seeds

Love superfoods, but don’t know how to actually eat them? Let’s start with grains and seeds – chia seeds and flax seeds, quinoa, millet, hemp hearts, and farro. Related Stories: The Next Super Grain You Should Be Eating With each of them having weight loss benefits thanks to supersatiating protein and debloating digestive powers, you’re…

Never Tried Farro? 4 Reasons You Should (Yes, 3 Have to Do With Weight Loss)

Of course you’ve heard of rice and barley. Even quinoa and millet are a part of your healthy-eating vocabulary. But farro? Now that’s one grain that doesn’t get as much of the spotlight. But it should. Even though it’s not gluten-free, this chewy, nutty-tasting grain that’s similiar to brown rice is still a pretty healthy…

Mediterranean Shrimp & 
Farro Pilaf

Always choose your carbohydrates carefully to keep your energy levels steady. Here, we’ve chosen whole-grain farro as the base of our scrumptious 
pilaf – it contains fiber as well as iron, 
a mineral that’s essential for your body 
to make hemoglobin, which delivers oxygen to your body’s cells. The post Mediterranean Shrimp & 
Farro Pilaf…