19 Recipes That Will Make Your Fourth of July

Start that grill and get your drinks on ice—it’s time to get your crowd fed and happy with these clean holiday favorites. Smoky and Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers Smoky and Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers Jalapeños tend to grow like mad once they get going, so here’s an easy (and delicious!) way to use up 10 peppers at…

Grilled Fish Tacos 
with Spicy Citrus Slaw 
& Sriracha Crema

You’ll save time (and need fewer ingredients) by using one spicy dressing as both a marinade for the fish and a dressing for the slaw. There’s plenty of room for play with this recipe – turn up the heat by adding more sriracha or jalapeño peppers, or toss in handfuls of chopped cilantro and mint…

Banana Leaf–Wrapped Green Curry Fish

I first had this mildly spicy curry-smeared fish in the northern capital of Chiang Mai steamed in ingeniously folded banana leaf packets that also served as a takeaway container. The banana leaf is 100% natural and compostable and infuses the fish with a subtle herby flavor. Look for banana leaf at Asian and Latino markets…

Spinach Spaghetti with Cod Croquettes

Large, tender flakes of cod are rolled with crunchy bread crumbs, baked until crisp and served on a bed of garlicky spinach pasta in our healthy take on classic deep-fried croquettes, 
a popular French finger food.

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