Meet the Yogurt That Blows Greek Yogurt Out of the Water; Dr. Oz Weighs In

Image Source: Dr. Oz While Dr. Oz’s last food investigation may have crushed our fast-food oatmeal dreams and the one before that made us second-guess our too-good-to-be-true addictive rotisserie chicken, we’re actually really excited about the good news coming from the health show. In his latest deep dive into the foods we consider healthy, Dr.…

Celebrate the Fourth With These Protein-Packed Patriotic Pops!

Not only are these yogurt parfait popsicles good for you, but they’ll add festive flair to your Fourth of July barbecue. And after a long day spent grilling, you’ll love how simple these frozen treats are to prepare: just mix together the ingredients, freeze, and you’re ready to go. Full of protein-packed Greek yogurt and…

Indian Twice-
Baked Potatoes 
with Cucumber 
Yogurt Sauce

Russet potatoes have a dry, starchy flesh that becomes wonderfully fluffy when baked, making them the ideal candidate for these richly spiced twice-baked potatoes. Serrano chiles can be quite hot, so reduce the amount used (or substitute with milder jalapeño) if you prefer this dish to be milder. The post Indian Twice-
Baked Potatoes 
with Cucumber…