Springtime Spaghetti 
with Pesto, Asparagus & Zucchini

Bring spring to your dinner table with this garden-fresh spaghetti packed with seasonal herbs, asparagus and zucchini. If you have a shredder attachment for your food processor, save time and use it to shred the zucchini. Save the prettiest basil leaves from the bunch to sprinkle over each dish before serving. The post Springtime Spaghetti…

Cauliflower “Pizza” with Pesto, Butternut Squash & Mushrooms

Colorful and full of flavor, this gluten-free, grain-free “pizza” features a crust made of cauliflower, garlic, egg whites and cheese – no flour! To save time, prep and roast the butternut squash and mushrooms first.

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Pork, Potato & Plantain Toss with Almond Cilantro Pesto

Fragrant cilantro replaces traditional basil in our easy pesto sauce, which pairs beautifully with juicy pork, hearty potatoes and sweet plantains. Cilantro’s sharp flavor blends well with almonds, which are lower in fat and cost than the pine nuts normally found in pesto. Just one serving of this nutrient-dense dish offers 50% and 69% of…