2-Minute, 3-Move Wall Workout to Instantly Sculpt Arms and Abs

Even if your goal isn’t to be able to do a handstand, your upper body and core can benefit greatly from practicing two exercises yogis often do to strengthen their muscles in order to hold this advanced pose. Do this quick two-minute workout, and your muscles will be burning – we promise! The Workout: Hold…

Tone Your Arms and Core With This 3-Minute Plank Workout

No weights? No problem. Tone your abs and core with one single bodyweight move – the plank. These five variations will get your heart pumping and your arms and core burning. It only takes three minutes, so if you want a longer workout, repeat this circuit two or three times.

Source: Pop Sugar

The Secret to Beating Your Saddlebags For Good

If you’re trying to tighten up the extra padding around your butt and upper quads, you’re not alone. This area is a problematic spot for women, and there’s no single cure to change things overnight. According to celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, increasing the intensity of your cardio and strength-training program is a great start. Anna’s…