About Us

Caliber Fitness is a physical fitness training company providing on-site training with qualified and experienced trainers based in Charlotte, NC. Our philosophy is to endorse a healthy body image, rather than focusing on the number on the scale. Caliber Fitness trainers will offer a variety of training programs provided to the residents of Charlotte, as a means to be viewed as a personal fitness concierge where service can be delivered to your front door. In addition, Caliber Fitness offers one-on-one training travel services. With Caliber Fitness, location is not an issue. We will come to you!

Led by Jeff Garner, a prominent fitness expert and healthy living guru, the team at Caliber Fitness is committed to serving the needs of its fitness clientele. Here at Caliber Fitness, the expectation of motivation clients, serving the needs of the local community, and committing to the improvement of building individual self-esteem and positive body image is unparallel. With Caliber Fitness, true results are achieved by helping clients achieve their personal goals.

The Trainer


Jeff Garner is a native of Barbados and founder of Caliber Fitness. He is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association. This certification is the most prestigious in the industry and it qualifies jeff to work with virtually any individual wishing to improve their fitness.

Jeff grew up in Brooklyn, NY, where he enjoyed swimming and cycling as a kid. Over the last four years, he has gained tremendous experience in New York working in the realm of fitness. Jeff earned his degree in Business Management in 2009. His experience with people and exercise during his time in New York propelled him into Personal Training.

Jeff gathered his foundation in boxing and weight training. His passion for fitness and ability to anticipate the needs and desires of others has launched him into the forefront of personal fitness and healthy living. With his talent for motivational one-on-one training programs combined with his energetic and active personality, this fitness guru transforms clients into healthy individuals with a new found zest for life. Jeff believes in the mantra and driver of Caliber Fitness, “Personal Touch, Personal Training”.

Our Clients

Our client base is comprised of residents across the nation. Prominent cities include Charlotte, NC, Atlanta GA, Miami FL, New York, NY, and host of others. Our clients reside all across the US. In addition to residential and traveling services, we train a diverse network of individuals including Specialty Agencies, Professional Cheerleaders, ESPN Correspondents, and much more.

Our Promise

At Caliber Fitness, thrive on fulfilling our commitment to provide superior service through the teaching of “Personal Touch, Personal Training”. Our team has a desire and will for our clients to never question their personal Caliber, and to help clients push themselves to train with passion and dedication towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. Our staff will work diligently and devote themselves to each client to ensure the best fitness plan for your needs. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or just get in better shape, Caliber Fitness can help you reach your goals. All you need is a positive attitude, a hard work ethic, and a desire to achieve!