Creamy Mushroom Chicken with Rosemary Sweet Potatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes add quick, inexpensive 
color and savory sweetness to our creamy 
thyme and mushroom sauce, while fragrant rosemary perks up our earthy sweet potato 
and onion toss. 
One serving of this meal provides more than half of your daily value of protein. Your body needs protein to build and repair cells and muscles, and…

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

This classic English staple, which is often loaded with calories, fat and sodium, gets a makeover by swapping out the ground beef for protein-rich lentils and tasty broccoli. Like all legumes, lentils are high in protein and fiber. The insoluble fiber found in lentils improves digestion, therefore helping to reduce the risk for diverticulosis, a…