Goji Berries: What Are They, and Are They Worth the Price?

Goji berries might seem like a brand-new trend (or a Gwyneth Paltrow pantry staple), but they’ve been used in traditional Chinese medicine since about 200 BC. And it’s no wonder that they’ve been used for so long – these little fruits are crazy powerful! These little red berries are delicious in both fresh and dried…

Quick-Braised Kale 
with Goji Berries & Cashews

Quick-braising can be an ideal method 
for cooking cool-weather greens, but 
make sure to select sturdy varieties such 
as kale, collards and escarole. Here, 
fiber-rich kale is simmered with broth 
and caramelized shallots.

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with Goji Berries & Cashews appeared first on Clean Eating.

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