Tone Your Butt and Sculpt Your Abs With This 20-Minute Workout

After this workout, you can consider yourself (almost) halfway through the Summer Shape-Up Challenge. We like your committment – keep up the excellent work! Today we’re focusing on your backside, starting with 10 minutes of barre, and then moving on to your abs!

Booty Barre

Bikini Abs

Source: Pop Sugar

The 30-Minute Brazilian Body Workout That'll Kick Your Ass and Make You Smile

Get ready to Brazilify your entire body with this 30-minute workout led by the always-entertaining trainer Brett Hoebel. You might even pick up some Portuguese while learning the basics of capoeira. And trust us: doing the basics of this Brazilian dance-like martial art will work your abs, legs, arms, and back from every angle. This…

No Running Required: 10-Minute At-Home Cardio Sweat Session

You don’t have to run to get a good cardio workout. We’ve rounded up all sorts of heart-pumping moves to help you sweat it out in the comfort of your living room. With no equipment needed, this quick workout is excuse-proof, too. Press play, and get ready to shred some calories.

Source: Pop Sugar